Check out this really cool interview about me!! THANKS MosterFresh!!

SERGE AHEAD: An interview with San Francisco Artist, SERGE GAY JR.

“I was first introduced to the work of Serge Gay Jr. by Dead C, when he shot me a link to the Monster Fresh preview for Spoke Art’s “Bad Dads” exhibit in San Francisco last OctoberSerge had contributed to the Wes Anderson-themed group show and, after being immediately struck by his work, I decided to start digging a little dipper.  What I discovered was that artists, like Serge, are embarrassingly rare for two reasons:

1) He’s an African American artist on the brink of serious success, and…

2) He’s broaching stardom for his talents in more than one medium.

Not many people will argue with the fact that the newer outcrops of pop art, pop surrealism, and the like, have proven themselves to be more inclusive and accessible to artists of color than average.  At first glance, there is little doubt that there is a strong mix of major contributors to the scene from various backgrounds.  That being said, it seems odd that there aren’t more African American figures; a contradiction that I cannot make sense of.” -L. Lewis

READ the whole interview and more On the Site here: MosterFresh


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