Check out my interview with Global Grind.

Visual artist Serge Gay Jr., whose work we profiled last week as a part of our ongoing focus on upcoming artists, is gaining quite the following. Recently Serge was nominated for a Grammy for his work, alongside director Matt Stawski, on the video for Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You.”  We had the chance to talk with Serge about what inspires him, the one artist he’d most like to make a music video for, and more. Check out what he had to say!

Global Grind: For anyone who isn’t already familiar with you, could you introduce yourself briefly?

Serge Gay Jr.: My name is Serge Gay Jr. I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, painter.

GG: At what age did you start doing  art seriously, as opposed to as a hobby?

SGJ: I started really doing it, because I went to an art middle school in Miami, and I went to an art high school, so I really started pretty much knowing that I wanted to be an artist when I was around 10 years old. I took it seriously as far as applying to an art magnet- middle school, applying to an art College – it’s just something that I always wanted to do.

GG: Did your parents see that you had the talent and then put you in that direction?

SGJ:  First it started as a hobby, then my parents saw that I could pursue it as a career, because my dad is also an artist, he does that for a living, and he saw the potential in me so he thought that I should go to an art school, that’s when I saw a career out of that.



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